Our offer

LDPE film

LDPE shrink film is made of low density polyethylene. It is characterized by high transparency and strength. Goods packed in LDPE film are resistant to dirt and weather conditions during transport. We offer film in the form of tape, sleeve, half-sleeve in widths from 100mm to 2350mm and thicknesses from 0.025mm to 0.20mm. There is a possibility to prepare the film with a selected overprint in two colors.

Stretch film

Stretch films are used mainly to secure products during transport. Due to their high strength, they can be used both for small parcels and large-size products. We offer machine foils for mechanical packaging and manual foils. It is possible to prepare foils of various thicknesses and widths.

Packaging tapes

Tapes available in many sizes and with different types of adhesive. They are widely used in logistics companies, transport companies and online shops. Our offer includes rubber, acrylic, hotmelt, painter's and printed tapes. They work well in manual and automatic packaging.

Regranulated film

It is produced during the recycling of polyethylene products. Applications of regranulate are almost unlimited. The film produced can be in the form of tape, sleeve, half-sleeve, plastic bags, stretch hood spacers. The foil takes on a straw colour or a colour of your choice. It is available in different thicknesses and widths.

Strapping tapes and accessories

They allow for comfortable and safe strapping of the load. Proper fastening will ensure that even the heaviest goods are well protected. We distinguish in our assortment polypropylene and polyester tapes. For fastening products you will also need fasteners (plastic, wire, metal), protective corners and tensioners and strapping machines, which we also have.

Bubble wrap and foams

Bubble wrap is usually used for packing fragile items. It is available in various widths and rolls.

Polyethylene foam is an excellent solution for protecting e.g. furniture and wooden elements, household appliances, ceramic products and glass.